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➜  ~ Will B Chang. A minimalist and life-long learner.
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I enjoy programming with Ruby for writing scripts and building web applications, JavaScript for building browser extensions and websites, and I’m learning Swift to make iOS/MacOS apps.

I mainly use

I’m building softwares to fill my personal needs, speed up my workflow, and trying to make a living.

Check Code for my programming projects.


I’m a fan of Beethoven, Glenn Gould, I enjoy playing piano and composing music.

My lifetime’s dream is to become a composer and I’m tring. I believe I’ll get a Ph.D of Music Composition in the future.

Check Music if you want to listen my music.


Novels are my favorite since childhood. I started writing(Chinese) poetry in 2010, also prose and short stories. Jean-Christophe influences me a lot, I have thoughts about writing a novel relative to it.

Check Book if you can read Chinese.

What else?

I’m also interested in Psychology, mostly Psychoanalysis, Cognitive Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. I’d like to get a master degree of Psychology.

My favorite anime is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, you should definitely check it.